Patent-Pending Tornado Shelter Technology

    The new patent pending “no-pinch” MAX door is comprised of two thick impenetrable skins separated by an internal square tubing frame. Because it weighs around 400lbs, FamilySAFE manufactures our own very large hinges for all of our storm shelters. These exclusive hinges serve a major role in the Family SAFE SAFE-T-DOOR system and allow for a very easy, smooth swing. Our SAFE-T Door ensures that you and your family do not become trapped inside the storm shelter after a deadly tornado.

    Securing the door are the three Commercial Grade one locks that allow the room to double as a gun safe or a vault when not in use as a storm shelter or panic room. In addition to the locks, the door may also be secured with two solid 1″x1″ bars.

    Just the storm shelter door has over 250,000 lbs of shear resistance. Not only is our door strong, but it also still incorporates all the rigorous safety features that make being trapped inside the above-ground tornado shelter virtually impossible, and our exclusive no-pinch clearance system helps to prevent fingers from getting caught in the door. That is security and peace of mind that your family can rely on.

    Watch Family Safe on Extreme Home Make Over. Watch all the way through to see the Texas Tech team shoot a 2×2 at a Family Safe Storm Shelter.
    Family Safe tornado shelters are tested to withstand EF5 level winds at Texas Tech University and meet or exceed the criteria in FEMA P-320 (FEMA, 2008a) and FEMA P-361 (FEMA, 2008b).

    Safety Cage Keeps You Safe

    The NASCAR-type safety cage inside our storm shelter is on 2′ centers or less and can hold the weight of about 25 midsize cars. Our above-ground tornado shelter is easy to finish out in new construction with only a 2.5-inch loss per side and is bullet resistant to all normal (class-three) handguns and shotguns. This means our above-ground tornado shelter can also be used as a panic room in case of emergencies.

    Wheelchair Accessible

    All of Family Safe’s above-ground storm shelters feature a low threshold and are wheelchair accessible, but we also have a nearly flush threshold available for those with extra accessibility concerns. Ask your dealer about our ADA options.

    Above Ground Tornado Shelter Features:

    • Fully engineered drawings and specs
    • HILTI anchorage system
    • Patent pending Safe-T door with lock releases
    • 4×4 electrical box with a 3/4″ conduit hole for electricity
    • Flush type roof vent for easy HVAC ducting
    • Stainless steel lever handle
    • Loss of only 2.5″ per wall finished unit
    • Door venting (return air vents)
    • Limited Lifetime warranty
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