Marion Water Heater Replacement Experts

Water heater repairs in Marion, IL, is an important service to protect your home and family’s comfort. From the time you wake up in the morning and take your shower to the moment you toss some laundry in the wash before bed, you need your water heater to work well. You rely on hot water for cleaning, cooking, and personal hygiene every single day.

When something goes wrong, you need a plumbing professional to help with water heater repair. At Baker & Sons Plumbing, we offer a full list of water heater services, including water heater installation, maintenance, and repair, so you can enjoy reliable hot water. Our team also offers water filtration services.

Preferred Water Heater Brands

Our preferred brand for traditional water heater installation is A.O Smith Water Heaters and State Water Heaters. Watch out for the FVIR heaters that have filter/screening on the air inlets, as Baker & Sons Plumbing-water heater maintenance is required regularly otherwise the warranty may be void. Life expectancy for a gas tank-style water heater is between 8-14 years in our area but depends on water quality and maintenance.

Next are the power vent water heaters. These state-of-the-art water heater products have been installed more recently and are even more energy efficient. They provide a long-lasting supply of hot water during the times when everyone in your home needs it the most. The 90% and 96% efficient AO Smith Vertex Models qualify for Federal Tax Rebates totaling 30% of the installed price, up to $1500. With rebates, these heaters are now affordable and outperform all other power-vented water heaters. The AO Smith Vertex exceeds the output of most 75-gallon heaters, with just a 50-gallon tank.

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