If you have a whole house shutoff you can close the shutoff to ensure that there will not be any burst pipes or supply lines while you are gone. If you do not have a whole house shutoff, we would suggest turning off the water at the following places.

  • Washing machine
  • Water heater
  • Dishwasher

We would also suggest turning your gas valve on your water heater down to “pilot” and turning the breakers off your water heater. Also, make sure your sump pump is functioning properly before leaving town.

Be sure to disconnect any garden hoses you may have attached to the faucets. A frost-free hosebibb only works if the water is able to stay in the interior lines. Close your crawlspace vents and eliminate any cracks or openings in the foundation or underpinning.

First you must determine if the leak is in the yard or in the house. We shut off the whole house shutoff and then see if the leak indicator is spinning on the meter. If so, then the leak is between the meter and the house. If not, then you have to isolate each fixture and continue to watch the leak indicator on the meter. Some causes are stools that need rebuilt, leaking lines from the water heater or a line leaking in a slab floor.