Halo Water Filtration Solutions


Filtration Solutions

Filtration involves the removal or reduction of suspended solids, contaminants, pathogens, bad tastes and odors.

• would you like your household water to taste and smell better?

• Are you concerned about chlorine (or Chloramine) in your water?

• do you currently spend money on bottled water? • are you concerned about environmental contaminants?

• Are there specific contaminants you are concerned about?

• Would you like to drink, bathe and cook in crystal clear great tasting water throughout your home?

• Would you like a maintenance free filtration solution?

Conditioning Solutions

Conditioning is the physical treatment of water to effectively control hard water scale and corrosion.

• Are you concerned about hard water scale & corrosion?

• would you like to stop spending money on hard water damage?

• Are you tired of the trouble, mess & expense of softening salt?

• would you like a hard water treatment that removes existing scale?

• Do you want a solution that conserves water, reduces pollution and improves energy efficiency?

• Would you like a Maintenance Free Conditioning Solution?

Integrated Solutions

Integrated solutions combine premium filtration with the HALO ION water conditioners.

• Would you like a single system to address your concerns about Water Quality and hard water scale & corrosion?

• Are you concerned about obtaining the greatest value for your water quality dollar?

• Are you interested in a solution that improves water quality, protects your home, is environmentally sustainable and Maintenance Free?

Special Cases:

Special cases to be aware of in order to make sure that we deliver on the expectations we create.
These special cases are;

1. hot water recirculating loop present

2. insufficient hot water use (heater not turned over every 24 hours)

In both cases the customer has two options.

Option A: Install HALO ION (inline) on hot water outlet of water heater

Option B: Install a HALO Heater Guardian on Cold Water Inlet to Water Heater

Well Water Applications:

In order to determine the correct solution for a well water application you must obtain a recent water analysis report for that well and forward it to HALO Sales/Technical Support