Maintenance Plans

We offer maintenance plans for all brands and models of systems. Let our inspectors check your system twice a year to insure it is operating effectively. Our inspectors perform the following task an every inspection.

As one of our maintenance customers you may come to expect the following:


    • We maintain all your inspection records. If or when your local health department requires records, we have you covered!


    • Clean compressor filters and check for proper voltage and amp draw to insure that the compressor or motor is supplying the proper amount of airflow to your tank.


    • Measure and record solids level in tank.
      (A tank with over 30% of solids resting on the bottom of tank should be pumped completely).


    • Measure, record and break up bulking sludge mat inside tank. A large bacteria mat can allow harmful bacteria to be discharged into your lake, creek or on your property.


    • Clean and flush discharge line to remove any obstruction that can limit discharge.


    • Clear pump controls or lift station of weeds or debris.


  • For our Norweco and Jet systems customers we remove the filter basket and completely clean the basket assembly. We also remove the motor and clean the inside/outside of the aerator shaft.