If you’re like many people, you may have only seen storm shelters in the movies or on television shows. These experiences might have you believe that a storm shelter is primarily fictional. However, the truth is that installing a storm shelter in your own home is more than possible. Storm shelters are likely keeping people in your own communities safe from damaging weather conditions. In fact, opting for this addition to your home has a number of other compelling benefits as well.

1. Protection in Severe Weather Conditions

The main reason to get a storm shelter is to ensure that you, your family members and pets are safe in the event of severe weather conditions. Instead of essentially leaving yourself exposed to the elements, you can hunker down in the shelter until the storm is over. If you’ve ever lived through a severe storm, you know how frightening it can be to watch outdoor furniture fly across the lawn, trees crash to the ground or floods rage down the road. Staying in the main space of your house doesn’t guarantee protection from these situations. On the other hand, a storm shelter prevents you from becoming a victim.

2. Extended Protection

Local officials typically communicate when it is safe to come out of the shelters. However, the exact amount of time a storm will last is a factor that no one can predict. While it’s unlikely that you’d need to spend days in the storm shelter, you may have to stay for the night or for several hours. Our team members can install a shelter that is both safe and comfortable, thereby providing ample space and support in the event of an extended emergency.

3. Easy Access

Some skeptics of storm shelters say that if the local weather team predicts dangerous conditions, they will simply go to a hotel at a distance or stay with relatives who live out of town. However, in some cases, there simply isn’t enough time to get to safety before the storm hits. Weather is unpredictable and can become violent without any warning. A fairly tame storm could become deadly in seconds. Also, if everyone is trying to get out of the area at the same time, heavy traffic could leave you stranded in your vehicle during the height of the storm. Getting a storm shelter in your house means that you don’t need to leave the property to find safety.

4. Spacious Enough for Your Family

If your experience with storm shelters is limited to movies and television shows, you might envision a tiny, claustrophobic space where only one or two people can fit. Our modern storm shelters are built to fit your entire family. Working with our professionals can get you a storm shelter that has enough room for all of your family and pets and the necessary space to feel comfortable and safe as your ride out the storm.

5. Customized to Your Home’s Needs

You might worry about where the storm shelter will go, especially if you live in a smaller house or a home without a basement. The good news is that storm shelters don’t have to go in the basement or otherwise underground anymore. While beneath the house is a common location for a storm shelter, our team can work with you to find a solution based on your home’s structure. An above-ground shelter can offer the same level of protection as an underground unit.

6. Intense Local Weather

One of our team members can assess your needs based on the exact location of your house. However, in general, southern Illinois is prone to some severe weather conditions, such as tornadoes. As tornadoes are major storms that can lead to devastation and death in seconds, a storm shelter is a smart decision for any residents in the area.

7. Communication Maintenance

If you’ve experienced a serious tornado or other major weather event, you may have been without the ability to communicate with the outside world for hours or days. Losing contact with the outside world is scary, especially during an emergency. Your storm shelter can include features that allow you to stay in touch, such as a landline phone, outlets for charging your devices and a television. You can communicate with loved ones to let them know that you’re safe and keep the news broadcast on for the latest developments regarding the storm. The ability to use electronic devices can also help to distract little ones who may be frightened of the weather.

8. Storage Space

Installing a storm shelter also provides you with extra storage space. You can keep flashlights, batteries, canned goods, blankets, a first-aid kit and other emergency essentials in the space. These items can come in the handy in the event of deleterious weather but also at other times of the year. In other words, the shelter can act as additional storage space for your home in general, regardless of the weather. Make sure not to crowd the shelter with items though. The space should be clear and ready if an emergency situation occurs.

9. Cost Comparison

Some people are concerned about the costs of a storm shelter. However, we offer a variety of customizable options that can fit with your budget. Also, compare the cost of a storm shelter with the deadly costs that a storm can have. Aside from physical protection for your loved ones, the shelter can also be used to store valuables during the storm. For example, if you have time to prepare between the weather announcement and the start of the storm, you can move the family safe or its contents, valuable heirlooms and other prized possessions into the shelter for protection. Some of these items cannot be replaced if damaged, and others come with costly repairs.

10. Increased Home Value

In addition to providing protection, a storm shelter can also significantly increase the value of your home, especially in an area that experiences violent weather conditions. Even when you’re not planning to sell your home right now, a storm shelter is an investment for the future.

11. Marketability

If you are looking to put your home on the market, either in the short or long term, a storm shelter can increase the odds that your house sells quickly. Many buyers are looking specifically for houses that have storm shelters. Listing this feature can be inviting for prospective buyers who had not previously considered a storm shelter, too.

At Baker & Sons Plumbing, we work with you to craft an above or below-ground storm shelter to keep your family safe. We have been proudly serving Marion and the surrounding areas for over three decades and offer an array of home plumbing services, including water heater repair and replacement, work on tankless water heaters, water filtration and water conditioning. We’re here to address any issues with your home’s toilets and garbage disposals as well. You can also check out our hunt safe deer blinds and bacteria treatment options. Our team specializes in commercial services, too. Make sure to ask about our maintenance plans and financing programs. To learn more, contact Baker & Sons Plumbing in Marion today.

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