Summer is coming, and that means it’s time to get your outdoor plumbing ready for the season. No one wants to find themselves dealing with a busted pipe or a clogged drain when trying to enjoy the warm weather and outdoor activities, so here are some tips to get you ready!

Check the Hose Bibs

Make sure that your outside hose bibs are in good working order. You should get a professional to check them out to ensure they are free from damage or leaks. The professional should also check that your hose bibs have the necessary washers and screens to remove any dirt or debris from your plumbing system.

If your hose bibs need to be replaced, ensure you get one that can handle the pressure of a garden hose.

Inspect the Sprinklers

Sprinklers are great for keeping your lawn and garden lush and green in summer. They also help keep your water bill down, as you don’t have to water by hand. However, it’s important to make sure that the sprinklers are working properly and that they’re not leaking. If you spot any leaks, get them repaired immediately so they don’t waste water or cause damage to your yard.

When checking the sprinklers, the professional should also ensure the timer is set correctly so you’re not wasting water when you don’t need to. With the right timer settings, you can ensure your lawn and garden stay healthy and beautiful all summer.

Check the Gutters

Gutters are great for keeping rainwater away from your home with the help of downspouts. However, ensuring your gutters and downspouts are in good working order is important. A professional should inspect yours for cracks or leaks and ensure the downspouts are properly attached. This will help ensure water runs away from your foundation and your home stays dry this summer.

For added protection, you can ask the plumber to install a gutter guard to keep debris out of your gutters. This will help prevent clogs that lead to backups and flooding.

Clear the Drains

Drains are one of the most common causes of plumbing problems. If your drains become clogged or slow, it can lead to backups and flooding. To prevent this, it’s important to ensure your drains are in good working order. A professional plumber can check the drains and clear any clogs or buildup. They can also inspect the pipes and make sure they are free from leaks or damage before the summer season starts.

For an extra layer of protection, you can have the plumber install a drain guard to catch debris before it enters your drains. This will help keep your plumbing system running smoothly and efficiently all summer.

Check Outdoor Faucets

Outdoor faucets are the last line of defense against summer plumbing problems. Ensure you get a professional to check your outdoor faucets for leaks, cracks, or damage. They should also check to ensure the shut-off valves are working properly. This way, you won’t have to worry about unexpected flooding or water damage this summer.

If you need to replace your faucets, ensure you get ones designed for outdoor use and can withstand the elements.

Check Your Pool Plumbing

If you have a pool, ensuring the plumbing is in good working order before the summer starts is important. A professional should inspect the pipes and pumps to prevent leaks or blockages. They should also check that the water level is correct so you don’t waste water and money this summer.

Since pools use a lot of water, it’s also important to ensure the pool pump is in good condition not to waste energy and drive up your electricity bill.

Inspect the Septic System

If you have a septic system, getting it inspected before the summer is essential. Your plumber should check for leaks or blockages to ensure your septic system is functioning properly. This will help prevent backups and other plumbing problems during the summer months.

While at it, you should also get the septic tank pumped to ensure it’s clean and ready for use. This will help ensure your septic system doesn’t experience any issues this summer.

Check the Hot Water Heater

Hot water is essential for summer activities like showering, washing dishes, and laundry. Ensure you get a plumber to inspect your water heater and make necessary repairs or replacements. This will keep your hot water running smoothly throughout the summer and help you avoid costly plumbing problems.

They should also check the temperature setting on your water heater to make sure it’s set to a safe level so you don’t get scalded in the shower.

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clear

No one likes a smelly kitchen, especially in the summer months. To keep your garbage disposal running smoothly, it’s essential to ensure it’s clear of any debris or buildup. A professional plumber can inspect your garbage disposal and ensure it is free from clogs and leaks. They can also check the blades to ensure they are sharp and running efficiently.

In addition, it’s important to run cold water while using the disposal and use a special cleaner each month to help keep it clear.

Install a Water Softener

If you live in an area with hard water, it’s essential that a professional installs a water softener. This will help keep your plumbing and appliances running smoothly throughout the summer. Plus, it helps reduce mineral buildup in the pipes, which can lead to leaks and other plumbing issues.

Your plumber can also inspect your water softener and ensure it works properly, so you don’t have to worry about any plumbing problems this summer.

Test Your Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump, it’s important to make sure it is in good working order before the summer months. A professional should inspect the sump pump to ensure it functions properly and can handle sudden heavy rains or flooding. This way, you’ll be prepared if severe weather hits and your sump pump won’t fail you.

In cases of emergency, you should always keep a backup generator for power outages. This way, your sump pump can continue working even when the power is out.

Get a Professional Plumber

The best way to prepare your plumbing for the summer is to call a professional plumber. They can inspect your plumbing and ensure it is in good working order. This will help to ensure that you don’t have any plumbing issues this summer and can enjoy the warm weather without any worries.

A professional plumber can also offer advice and practical tips to help you maintain your plumbing and save money on unexpected repairs.

Following these tips can help ensure your plumbing is ready for summer. This will help you avoid unexpected repairs and keep your home running smoothly. Get a professional plumbing company like Baker & Sons Plumbing to inspect your plumbing and make any necessary repairs before the summer months start. We can also help you with water heater installation and maintenance, commercial plumbing, water filtration, water conditioning, and draining sewers in Marion. Contact Baker & Sons Plumbing today, and let us help you get your plumbing ready for summer!

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